Revealing Hidden Latency Patterns

Latency Heat Map Response time – or latency – is crucial to understand in detail, but many of the common presentations of this data hide important details and patterns. Latency heat maps are an effective way to reveal these. I often use tools that provide heat maps directly, but sometimes I have separate trace output [...]

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Visualizing Device Utilization

Device utilization is a key metric for performance analysis and capacity planning. In this post, I’ll illustrate different ways to visualize device utilization across multiple devices, and how that utilization is changing over time. As a system to study, I’ll examine a production cloud environment that contains over 5,000 virtual CPUs (over 600 physical processors). [...]

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MySQL Query Latency with the DTrace pid Provider

In 2007 I wrote some DTrace MySQL onliners and scripts, including mysql_pid_etime.d, which used the DTrace pid provider. Derek Crudgington (now a fellow Joyeur) took this a little further and compiled a MySQL DTrace Kit containing several pid provider-based scripts, which also traced slow query writes. I never went much further with the pid provider [...]

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