iSCSI before and after

I’ve blogged many 7410 performance results for the NFSv3, NFSv4, and CIFS protocols. Now it’s iSCSI’s turn. When the Sun Storage 7000 series first launched, iSCSI was provided by a user-land process: iscsitgtd. While it worked, performance wasn’t as good as the kernel-based services such as NFS. iSCSI performance was to be improved by making [...]

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iSCSI DTrace provider

I recently tried out the new iSCSI Target Server DTrace provider which Adam wrote (which should be included in Solaris sometime soon). It provides observability of iSCSI traffic from the the server’s perspective. This is great news if you have an iSCSI Solaris server, or are planning to have one. In this entry I’ll post [...]

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