Manta: Unix Meets Map Reduce

Today Joyent launched Manta: an object store built upon ZFS and Zones, the SmartOS platform, and with a familiar Unix interface as the API. This supports compute jobs such as map reduce, and provides high performance by co-locating zones with the object storage. We also have extensive DTrace instrumentation throughout the product, which we’ve been [...]

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DTrace pid Provider Links

I’ve been writing posts to explain the DTrace pid provider. Not just its features, which are documented in many places, but also its hazards and limitations. Many of these I learned the hard way during the last six years of using this provider in test, development and production. The posts are: pid provider: entry probe [...]

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Cloud Analytics: first video

The video for the Cloud Analytics talk that Bryan Cantrill and I recently gave was streamed live on ustream and available online immediately after. It’s now available edited and in hires. Bryan Cantrill and Brendan Gregg at Joyent Just before the talk, I took screenshots of each of the demos I wanted to give, to [...]

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