Hybrid Storage Pool: Top Speeds

I’d like to show the benefit of the Hybrid Storage Pool (HSP) in the simplest possible way, as an addition to my top speed results for the Sun Storage 7410. The HSP uses both read and write optimized flash based solid state disks (SSDs) to improve the performance of file I/O, with the ZFS L2ARC [...]

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L2ARC Screenshots

Back before the Fishworks project went public, I posted an entry to explain how the ZFS L2ARC worked (Level 2 Cache) – which is a flash memory based cache currently intended for random read workloads. I was itching to show screenshots from Analytics, which I’m now able to do. From these screenshots, I’ll be able [...]

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An exciting new ZFS feature has now become publicly known – the second level ARC, or L2ARC. I’ve been busy with its development for over a year, however this is my first chance to post about it. This post will show a quick example and answer some basic questions. Background in a nutshell The “ARC” [...]

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