Control T for TENEX

I recently wrote about FreeBSD, and while on that OS I ran “sleep 5″ then hit Control-T: freebsd10$ sleep 5 load: 0.67 cmd: sleep 90628 [nanslp] 0.92r 0.00u 0.00s 0% 1464k sleep: about 4 second(s) left out of the original 5 Wow! This prints the “load:” and “sleep:” status lines, showing information about the process. [...]

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The USE Method: Mac OS X Performance Checklist

This is my example USE Method-based performance checklist for the Apple Mac OS X operating system, for identifying common bottlenecks and errors. This draws upon both command line and graphical tools for coverage, focusing where possible on those that are provided with the OS by default, or by Apple (eg, Instruments). Further notes about tools [...]

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DTracing in Anger

My Macbook has becomeso sluggish that it feels like I’m typing ove a 9600 baud modem aagn. Or 2400. It’s alo droping keystokes – which is irritatng as hll – so please forgive theapparent tyos and mistakes. It comes and goes each minute, so thiswhole post isn’t too bad. Usually I cn see what’s wrng [...]

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