Off-CPU Performance Analysis

I’ve been exercising a new approach for examining application performance, which involves measuring high resolution off-CPU time that is synchronous to the workload. This reveals which code-paths are blocked and waiting while off-CPU, and for how long exactly. This differs from traditional profiling which often samples the activity of threads at a given interval, and [...]

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Breaking Down MySQL/Percona Query Latency With DTrace

In May I spoke at PerconaLive 2011 in New York, giving a talk titled “Breaking Down MySQL/Percona Query Latency With DTrace”. It was a great conference, and I’d recommend attending the next one if you get a chance. I also attended a number of the talks, and have also caught up on some via video [...]

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MySQL performance schema and DTrace

For a series of blog posts on file system latency, I used MySQL as an example application to examine. I was doing so using DTrace, but as it turns out, MySQL 5.5 GA and later has the performance schema which can measure file system latency as well. Mark Leith recently posted how to do this. [...]

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