NFS Analytics example

I just tracked down a minor performance issue on my desktop in a couple of minutes, and thought it may make a good example to follow as it demonstrates using Analytics along with dtrace, truss, snoop and kstats – really the entire suite of perf tools I regularly use on Solaris. I was downloading a [...]

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DRAM latency

In my previous post, I showed NFS random read latency at different points in the operating system stack. I made a few references to hits from DRAM – which were visible as a dark solid line at the bottom of the latency heat maps. This is worth exploring in a little more detail, as this [...]

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1 Gbyte/sec NFS, streaming from disk

I’ve previously explored maximum throughput and IOPS that I could reach on a Sun Storage 7410 by caching the working set entirely in DRAM, which may be likely as the 7410 currently scales to 128 Gbytes of DRAM per head node. The more your working set exceeds 128 Gbytes or is shifting, the more I/O [...]

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