USENIX LISA 2012: Performance Analysis Methodology

At USENIX LISA 2012, I gave a talk titled Performance Analysis Methodology. This covered ten performance analysis anti-methodologies and methodologies, including the USE Method. I wrote about these in the ACMQ article Thinking Methodically about Performance, which is worth reading for more detail. I’ve also posted USE Method-derived checklists for Solaris- and Linux-based systems. The [...]

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USENIX LISA 2010: Visualizations for Performance Analysis

My USENIX LISA talk from 2010 is now available on youtube, also embedded below. The title is Visualizations for Performance Analysis (and more), and showed how the full distribution of data could be presented as a heat map. This is especially useful for latency analysis, as fast-path and slow-path differences can be studied, as well [...]

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Surge 2012: Real-time in the real world

In September, I attended and spoke at the Surge’12 conference in Baltimore. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in performance. The theme with most talks was problems encountered at scale – and as is often the case – you can learn more from failure than success. Bryan and I gave a talk titled “Real-time [...]

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