USENIX LISA 2010: Visualizations for Performance Analysis

My USENIX LISA talk from 2010 is now available on youtube, also embedded below. The title is Visualizations for Performance Analysis (and more), and showed how the full distribution of data could be presented as a heat map. This is especially useful for latency analysis, as fast-path and slow-path differences can be studied, as well [...]

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dtrace.conf 2012 videos

Last month was dtrace.conf 2012, the 2nd DTrace unconference. This is a meetup of DTrace practitioners and developers, where we discuss the latest uses, developments and future directions of the technology. It was great to see old friends of DTrace, and to put new faces to names. See the video list for the sessions, which, [...]

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Subsecond Offset Heat Maps

“Wow, that’s weird!”. My subsecond offset visualization type looked great, but others found it weird and unfamiliar. I developed it for inclusion in Joyent’s Cloud Analytics tool for the purposes of workload characterization. Given that it was so unfamiliar, I had some explaining to do. Voxer, a company that makes a walkie-talkie application for smart [...]

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