zfsday: ZFS Performance Analysis and Tools

At zfsday 2012, I gave a talk on ZFS performance analysis and tools, discussing the role of old and new observability tools for investigating ZFS, including many based on DTrace. This was a fun talk – probably my best so far – spanning performance analysis from the application level down through the kernel and to [...]

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Activity of the ZFS ARC

Disk I/O is still a common source of performance issues, despite modern cloud environments, modern file systems and huge amounts of main memory serving as file system cache. Understanding how well that cache is working is a key task while investigating disk I/O issues. In this post, I’ll show the activity of the ZFS file [...]

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DTrace book talk SFOSUG

Tomorrow (Wednesday, March 9th) I’ll give a talk at SFOSUG about DTrace Book highlights, especially from Chapter 5 File Systems, which is available to download and read beforehand as a sample chapter. We’ll also have one pre-print copy to give out to one lucky guest. Here is a text-based screenshot of DTracing file systems to [...]

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