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Solaris as OSCON

As you may have noticed from Adam’s blog, our time at OSCON was a rousing success. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to write up a real post, since I’m on vacation for the next few days. Adam summed things up pretty well; the two points I’d reiterate are: We are eager to learn how [...]

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OSCON 2004

Sun is sending a contingent to the O’Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland this week. In a last minute change of schedule, I will be attending (even though my name is not in the official BOF description). But I’ll be there, along with fellow kernel engineers Bart, Andy, and Adam. We will be learning about [...]

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Lessons in broken interfaces

In build 60 (Beta 5 or SX 7/04), I fixed a long standing Solaris bug: mounted filesystems could not contain spaces. We would happily mount the filesystem, but then all consumers of /etc/mnttab would fail. This resulted in sad situations like: # df -h Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on /dev/dsk/c0d0s0 36G 13G 22G [...]

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SMF has landed

Just thought I’d call attention to the fact that the Service Management Facility (SMF) has successfully integrated into build 64 of Solaris 10. Stephen has posted some teasers, and will hopefully continue with more examples, as well as encouraging his fellow team members to get into the blogging mood. This is one of the most [...]

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Is Linux innovative?

In a departure from recent musings on the inner workings of Solaris, I thought I’d examine one of the issues that Bryan has touched on in his blog. Bryan has been looking at some of the larger issues regarding OS innovation, commoditization, and academic research. I thought I’d take a direct approach by examining our [...]

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Watchpoints features in Solaris 10

In my last post I described how watchpoints work in Solaris, or how they’re supposed to work. The reality is that there have been some small problems that have prevented a large number of watchpoints from being practical for complicated programs. I’ve made some changes in Solaris 10 so that they work in all situations, [...]

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Watchpoints 101

As Adam noted in the Solaris Top 11-20, watchpoints are now much more useful in Solaris 10. Before I go into specific details regarding Solaris 10 improvements, I thought I’d give a little technical background on how watchpoints actually work. This will be my second highly technical entry in as many days; in my next [...]

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Inside pfiles with pathnames

I’m finally back from vacation, and I’m here to help out with Adam’s Top 11-20 Solaris Features. I’ll be going into some details regarding one of the features I integrated into Solaris 10, pfiles with pathnames (which was edged out by libumem for the #11 spot by a lean at the finish line). This will [...]

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Real life obfuscated code

In a departure from my usual Solaris propaganda, I thought I’d try a little bit of history. This entry is aimed at all of you C programmers out there that enjoy the novelty of Obfuscated C. If you think you’re a real C hacker, and haven’t heard of the obfuscated C contenst, then you need [...]

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Tips and tricks of a ptool hacker

During S10 development, there have been numerous enhancements to the ptools (see proc(1)). Here are two recent additions that may have slipped through the cracks with all the hype surrounding Solaris 10. They’re not quite as ground breaking as DTrace or Zones, but well-suited for some blog exposure. pargs -l The pargs command has a [...]

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