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Behind the music: /system/object

About a month ago, I added a new pseudo filesystem to Solaris: ‘objfs’, mounted at /system/object. This is an “under the hood” filesystem that no user will interact with directly. But it’s a novel solution to a particularly thorny problem for DTrace, and may be of some interest to the curious techies out there. When [...]

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So my last few posts have sparked quite a bit of discussion out there, appearing on slashdot as well as OSNews. It’s been quite an interesting experience, though it’s had a significant effect on my work productivity today While I’m not responding to every post, I promise that I’m reading them (and thanks to those [...]

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Rebutting a rebuttal

Normally, I’m hesitant to engage people on the internet in an argument. Typically, you get about one or two useful responses before it descends into a complete flame war. So I thought I’d take my one remaining useful response and comment on this blog which is a rebuttal to my previous post, and accuses me [...]

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GPL thoughts and clarifications

So it seems my previous entry has finally started to stir up some controversy. I’ll address some of the technical issues raised here shortly. But first I thought I’d clarify my view of the GPL, with the help of an analogy: Let’s say that I manufacture wooden two by fours, and that I want to [...]

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Debugging hard problems

Disclaimer: This is a technical post and not for the faint of heart. You have been warned. I thought I’d share an interesting debugging session I had a while ago. Personally, I like debugging war stories. They are stories about hard problems solved by talented engineers. Any Solaris kernel engineer will tell you that we [...]

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Analysts on OpenSolaris

There’s been a lot of press about Sun recently thanks to our Network Computing 04Q3 event. It’s hard to miss some of the coverage out there. Jim pointed out this article over at eWeek, which has some good suggestions, but also some gross misconceptions. I thought I’d look at some of the quotes and respond, [...]

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Sold! To bidder number 42…

What am I up to these days? Recently, I putback my last round of major bugfixes in my “traditional” area of expertise – procfs, libproc, mdb, etc. And since I’m not attached to any of the major S10 projects, I can actually pick and choose what to work on next. I have tons of projects [...]

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Linux Kernel Debugging with KDB

So it’s been a while since my KMDB post, but I promised I would do some investigation into kernel debugging on the Linux side. Keep in mind that I have no Linux kernel experience. While I will try to be thorough in my research, there may be things I miss simply from lack of experience [...]

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