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w2100z reviewed

There’s a nice little review of the w2100z over at AnandTech. Primarily a hardware review, it also contains loads of benchmarks between several different operating systems, including the Java Desktop System. It was nice to see Solaris 10 thrown into the mix, but it only showed up in a few benchmarks, as they were primarily [...]

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Microstate accounting in Solaris 10

With the tidal wave of features that is Solaris 10, it’s all too easy to miss the less visible enhancements. Once of these “lost features” is microstate accounting turned on by default for all processes. Process accounting keeps track of time spent by each thread in various states – idle, in system mode, in user [...]

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More is better

Just wanted to welcome fellow kernel engineers Jonathan Adams (smf guru and debugger extraordinaire) and Joe Bonasera (amd64 guru and x86 VM master) to the madness that is Blog Away!

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Solaris on AMD64

Those students in the class paying attention may have noticed that Solaris on amd64 is quietly coming to life. While it’s been thriving in development for a while now, it’s finally flexing its muscles publicly. A few sightings at Pete Shanahan pointing out amd64 on his sleek 64-bit laptop, as well as describing some [...]

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