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Solaris 10 Released

Finally, Solaris 10 has been released! Go download it at: For a litte trivia, the first Solaris 10 putback was on January 22, 2002. So you can imagine how good it feels to see this out the door after 3 years of hard work. I’ve only been involved for the last year and a [...]

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First external OpenSolaris builds

To go along with today’s announcement (as well as associated press), we also recently provided buildable source to the OpenSolaris pilot participants. The ensuing “build race” has produced a number of very happy people, both inside and outside of Sun. Check out Ben’s blog for a screenshot, as well as Dennis’s Blog. Dennis also put [...]

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Under the bootchart hood

Last week I announced our bootchart results. Dan continued with a sample of zone boot, as well as some interesting bugs that have been found already thanks to this tool. While we’re working on getting the software released, I thought I’d go into some of the DTrace implementation. To begin with, we were faced with [...]

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Boot chart results

I’ve been on a vacation for a while, but last time I mentioned that Dan and myself had been working on a Solaris port of the open source bootchart program. After about a week of late night hacking, we had a new version (we kept only the image renderer). You can see the results (running [...]

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