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How not to code

This little gem came up in conversation last night, and it was suggested that it would make a rather amusing blog entry. A Solaris project had a command line utility with the following, unspeakably horrid, piece of code: /* * Use the dynamic linker to look up the function we should * call. */ (void) [...]

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Google coredumper

In the last few days you may have noticed that Google released a site filled with Open Source applications and interfaces. First off, kudos to the Google guys for putting this together. It’s always great to see a company open sourcing their tools, as well as encouraging open standards to take advantage of their services. [...]

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Another interesting bug

I know it’s been a long time since I posted a blog entry. But I’ve either been too busy, out of the country, working on (not yet public) projects, or fixing relatively uninteresting bugs. But last week I finally nailed down a nasty bug that had been haunting me for several weeks, so I thought [...]

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