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Live from Brazil

Dave Powell and myself have arrived at FISL, an open source conference in Brazil, along with a crowd of other Sun folks. Dave and I (with introduction from Sun VP Tom Goguen) will be hosting a 4 hour OpenSolaris pre-event tomorrow, June 1st. We’ll be talking about all the cool features available in OpenSolaris, as [...]

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In the News(.com)

So it looks like my blog made it over to the frontpage of in this article about slipping Solaris 10 features. Don’t get your hopes up – I’m not going to refute Genn’s claims; we certainly are not scheduled for a specific update at the moment. But pay attention to the details: ZFS and [...]

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GDB to MDB Migration, Part One

In past comments, it has been pointed out that a transition guide between GDB and MDB would be useful to some developers out there. A full comparison would also cover dbx(1), but I’ll defer this to a later point. Given the number of available commands, I’ll be dividing up this post into at least two [...]

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