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Virtualization and OpenSolaris

There’s actually a decent piece over at eWeek discussing the future of Xen and LAE (the project formerly known as Janus) on OpenSolaris. Now that our marketing folks are getting the right message out there about what we’re trying to accomplish, I thought I’d follow up with a little technical background on virtualization and why [...]

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Fun source code facts

A while ago, for my own amusement, I went through the Solaris source base and searched for the source files with the most lines. For some unknown reason this popped in my head yesterday so I decided to try it again. Here are the top 10 longest files in OpenSolaris: Length Source File 29944 usr/src/uts/common/io/scsi/targets/sd.c [...]

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MDB puzzle, take two

Since Bryan solved my last puzzle a little too quickly, this post will serve as a followup puzzle that may or may not be easier. All I know is that Bryan is ineligible this time around Once again, the rules are simple. The solution must be a single line dcmd that produces precise output without [...]

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MDB puzzle

On a lighter note, I’d thought I post an “MDB puzzle” for the truly masochistic out there. I was going to post two, but the second one was just way too hard, and I was having a hard time finding a good test case in userland. You can check out how we hope to make [...]

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Adding a kernel module to OpenSolaris

On opening day, I chose to post an entry on adding a system call to OpenSolaris. Considering the feedback, I thought I’d continue with brief “How-To add to OpenSolaris” documents for a while. There’s a lot to choose from here, so I’ll just pick them off as quick as I can. Todays topic as adding [...]

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Observability in OpenSolaris

Just a heads up that we’ve formed a new OpenSolaris Observability community. There’s not much there night now, but I encourage to head over and check out what OpenSolaris has to offer. Or come to the discussion forum and gripe about what features we’re still missing. Topics covered include process, system, hardware, and post mortem [...]

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GDB to MDB Migration, Part Two

So talking to Ben last night convinced me I needed to finish up the GDB to MDB reference that I started last month. So here’s part two. GDB MDB Description Program Stack backtrace n ::stack$C Display stack backtrace for the current thread – thread::findstack -v Display a stack for a given thread. In the kernel, [...]

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How to add a system call to OpenSolaris

When I first started in the Solaris group, I was faced with two equally difficult tasks: learning the development model, and understanding the source code. For both these tasks, the recommended method is usually picking a small bug and working through the process. For the curious, the first bug I putback to ON was 4912227 [...]

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FISL Final Day

The last day of FISL has come and gone, thankfully. I’m completely drained, both physically and mentally. As you can probably tell from the comments on yesterday’s blog entry, we had quite a night out last night in Porto Alegre. I didn’t stay out quite as late as some of the Brazil guys, but Ken [...]

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FISL Day 3

The exhaustion continues to increase. Today I did 3 presentations: DTrace, Zones, and FMA (which turned into OpenSolaris). Every one took up the full hour allotted. And tomorrow I’m going to add a Solaris performance presentation, to bring the grand total to 4 hours of presentations. Given how bad the acoustics are on the exposition [...]

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