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Agile Data Technology

Applications are the nexus of the modern enterprise. They simplify operations, speed execution, and drive competitive advantage. Accelerating the application lifecycle means accelerating the business. Increasingly, organizations turn to public and private clouds, SaaS offerings, and outsourcing to hasten development and reduce risk, only to find themselves held hostage by their data. Applications are nothing [...]

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Enterprise Software Hackathons

At Delphix, we just concluded one of our recurring Engineering Kickoff events where we get everyone together for a few days of collaboration, discussion, idea sharing, and fun. In this case it included, for the first time, an all-day hackathon event. To be honest, it was a bit of an experiment and one where we [...]

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Engineer Anti-Patterns

The other week I had a particularly disheartening discussion with a potential new hire. I typically describe our engineering organization at Delphix as a bottoms-up meritocracy where smart people seize opportunities to impact the company through through thoughtful execution and data-driven methodology (a.k.a. buzzword bingo gold). In this case, after hours of discussions, I couldn’t [...]

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