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Moving On

In my seven years at Sun and Oracle, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible people on some truly amazing technology. But the time has come for me to move on, and today will be my last day at Oracle. When I started in the Solaris kernel group in 2003, I had no [...]

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Nobel Aftermath

What a party. I can’t say much more – I’m afraid I won’t do it justice. Suffice to say that we rolled back into our hotel room at 5:00 AM after hanging out with Swedish royalty and Nobel laureates in what has to be one of the most amazing ceremony and banquest ever conceived. You’ll [...]

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Nobel day 5

Things have picked up over here in Stockholm. The rest of the troops have arrived, filling up the Grand Hotel to the best of our ability. My father’s been running around to press conferences, interviews, and various preparations. The rest of us only have one or two events each day to keep track of. Thankfully, [...]

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Nobel day 2

I’m off on vacation for a while while I attend the Nobel Festivities. While this is my second trip to Stockholm, it will be rather different as a Nobel guest staying in a 5-star hotel. Last time I was here I was a poor recently graduated college student at the end of his backpacking trip. [...]

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To my father

ZFS work and RSI issues have prevented me from making regular postings to this blog, but I do want to make a brief personal entry in honor of my father: Nobel Prize Announcement AP article For the scientifically inclined I’ve been so proud of you for so long, and now I think the rest of [...]

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Sun and Linux

If you haven’t already, go check out Tom Adelstein’s article at LXer, as well as Jim’s blog entry. Quite a departure from the usual Sun analysis. It’s an interesting take: Sun is (and has been) doing great things, but corporate messaging (both our competitors and our own) has muddied the waters to the point where [...]

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RSS-friendly code samples?

So in the past two days, my posts have contained a lot of code/text samples, that have to be formatted in a fixed with font and have their spacing preserved. Previously, I’ve just been using <pre></pre> tags around these samples. This work on, but I’ve found that this wreaks havoc with some RSS readers [...]

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w2100z reviewed

There’s a nice little review of the w2100z over at AnandTech. Primarily a hardware review, it also contains loads of benchmarks between several different operating systems, including the Java Desktop System. It was nice to see Solaris 10 thrown into the mix, but it only showed up in a few benchmarks, as they were primarily [...]

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Sold! To bidder number 42…

What am I up to these days? Recently, I putback my last round of major bugfixes in my “traditional” area of expertise – procfs, libproc, mdb, etc. And since I’m not attached to any of the major S10 projects, I can actually pick and choose what to work on next. I have tons of projects [...]

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And now for something completely different

In a departure from all my previous blog posts, I thought I’d try my hand at a personal entry. Yesterday, the Olympic Track and Field competitions began, with the U.S. taking Silver in the Men’s shot put. What was supposed to be a sweep ended up in disaster: Cantwell never qualified at the trials, Godina [...]

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