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SES Sensors and Indicators

Last week, Rob Johnston and I coordinated two putbacks to Solaris to further the cause of Solaris platform integration, this time focusing on sensors and indicators. Rob has a great blog post with an overview of the new sensor abstraction layer in libtopo. Rob did most of the hard work- my contribution consisted only of [...]

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External storage enclosures in Solaris

Over the past few years, I’ve been working on various parts of Solaris platform integration, with an emphasis on disk monitoring. While the majority of my time has been focused on fishworks, I have managed to implement a few more pieces of the original design. About two months ago, I integrated the libscsi and libses [...]

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Solaris Sensors and Indicators

For those of you who have been following my recent work with Solaris platform integration, be sure to check out the work Cindi and the FMA team are doing as part of the Sensor Abstraction Layer project. Cindi recently posted an initial version of the Phase 1 design document. Take a look if you’re interested [...]

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Solaris platform integration – disk monitoring

Two weeks ago I putback PSARC 2007/202, the second step in generalizing the x4500 disk monitor. As explained in my previous blog post, one of the tasks of the original sfx4500-disk module was reading SMART data from disks and generating associated FMA faults. This platform-specific functionality needed to be generalized to effectively support future Sun [...]

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Solaris platform integration – libipmi

As I continue down the path of improving various aspects of ZFS and Solaris platform integration, I found myself in the thumper (x4500) fmd platform module. This module represents the latest attempt at Solaris platform integration, and an indication of where we are headed in the future. When I say “platform integration”, this is more [...]

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DTrace sysevent provider

I’ve been heads down for a long time on a new project, but occasionally I do put something back to ON worth blogging about. Recently I’ve been working on some problems which leverage sysevents (libsysevent(3LIB)) as a common transport mechanism. While trying to understand exactly what sysevents were being generated from where, I found the [...]

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First sponsored bugfix

Yes, I am still here. And yes, I’m still working on ZFS as fast as I can. But I do have a small amount of free time, and managed to pitch in with some of the OpenSolaris bug sponsor efforts over at the request-sponsor forum. I figure I can handle a bug every week or [...]

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Fame, Glory, and a free iPod shuffle

Thanks to Jarod Jenson (of DTrace and Aeysis fame), I now have a shiny new 512MB iPod shuffle to give away to a worthy OpenSolaris cause. Back when I posted my original MDB challenge, I had no cool stuff to entice potential suitors. So now I’ll offer this iPod shuffle to the first person who [...]

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Where have I been?

It’s been almost a month since my last blog post, so I thought I’d post an update. I spent the month of July in Massachusetts, alternately on vacation, working remotely, and attending my brother’s wedding. The rest of the LAE (Linux Application Environment) team joined me (and Nils) for a week out there, and we [...]

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Operating system tunables

There’s an interesting discussion over at opensolaris-code, spawned from an initial request to add some tunables to Solaris /proc. This exposes a few very important philosophical differences between Solaris and other operating systems out there. I encourage you to read the thread in its entirety, but here’s an executive summary: When possible, the system should [...]

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