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SVM and Solaris Express 4/05

The latest release of Solaris Express came out yesterday. As usual a summary is on Dan’s blog. One new Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) capability in this release is better integration with the Solaris Reconfiguration Coordination Manager (RCM) framework. This is the fix for bug: 4927518 SVM could be more intelligent when components are being unconfigured [...]

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Solaris Volume Manager odds and ends

I have had a few questions about some of my previous blog entries so I thought I would try to write up some general responses to the various questions. First, here are the bugids for some of the bugs I mentioned in my previous posts: 6215065 Booting off single disk from mirrored root pair causes [...]

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SVM V20z root mirror panic

One of the problems I have been working on recently has to do with running Solaris Volume Manager on V20z and V40z servers. In general, SVM does not care what kinds of disks it is layered on top of. It justs passes the I/O requests through to the drivers for the underlying storage. However, we [...]

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Solaris Volume Manager disksets

Solaris Volume Manager has had support for a feature called “disksets” for a long time, going back to when it was an unbundled product named SDS. Disksets are a way to group a collection of disks together for use by SVM. Originally this was designed for sharing disks, and the metadevices on top of them, [...]

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Solaris Volume Manager root mirror problems on S10

There are a couple of bugs that we found in S10 that make it look like Solaris Volume Manager root mirroring does not work at all. Unfortunately we found these bugs after the release went out. These bugs will be patched but I wanted to describe the problems a bit and describe some workarounds On [...]

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