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In a previous blog I talked about integration of Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) and RCM. Proper integration of SVM with the other subsystems in Solaris is one of the things I am particularly interested in. Today I’d like to talk about some of the work I did to integrate SVM with the new Service Management [...]

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Another SVMer starts blogging.

Sanjay Nadkarni, another member of the Solaris Volume Manager engineering team has just started a blog. Sanjay was the technical lead for the project that added new clustering capabilities to SVM so that it can now support concurrent readers and writers. If you read my blog because you are interested in SVM you will want [...]

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SVM metadbs, USB disks and S2.7

In an earlier blog I talked about using a USB memory disk to store a Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) metadb on a two-disk configuration. This would reduce the likelihood of hitting the mddb quorum problem I have talked about. The biggest problem with this approach is that there was no way to control where SVM [...]

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