I’ll be presenting at Community One West

I’ll be delivering two presentations at
Community One West
at the beginning of June. The first presentation is on Monday June 1st and I’ll be covering
“Built-in Virtualization for the OpenSolaris Operating System”. It will be an overview
of some basic virtualization concepts and the various solutions available in
OpenSolaris. I’ll also be discussing the trade-offs of one vs. the other. The second
presentation is on Tuesday as part of the deep dives. I’ll be discussing application consolidation
using zones. I’ll also be hanging around the virtualization demo pod when I’m not presenting.

In addition, I think there is going to be a book signing for the
OpenSolaris Bible.
My co-authors
Nick and
Dave are also going to be attending.
This will be the first (and only?) time the three of us have actually been together
at the same time.

At least some of the other zones engineers (
Steve and
should be there too, so if you’re attending, stop by the virtualization pod and say hi.

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