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An End and a Beginning

I have worked at Sun, and now Oracle, for longer than I really want to admit, but I have reached a point in my career where I feel that I need to try something new. Today, September 13th, 2010, is my last day at Oracle. For the past 5 years I’ve worked on zones. The [...]

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Community One Slides

I’ll be delivering two presentations at Community One this year. My slides are posted on the wiki in case you want to download them. I like to use my slides as an outline instead of just reading them, so hopefully people who are attending will actually get some value from hearing me speak. Don’t forget [...]

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zones p2v

About two years ago the zones team sat down and began to create the solaris8 brand for zones. This brand allows you to run your existing Solaris 8 system images inside of a branded zone on Solaris 10. One of the key goals for this project was to easily enable migration of Solaris 8 based [...]

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OpenSolaris Bible Samples

A comment on my last post noted that there were no sample chapters available for the book, however I just noticed that Wiley has posted some samples on the book’s webpage. The samples include chapter one, the index, and the detailed table of contents. The index and TOC are probably the best sections for getting [...]

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Writing the OpenSolaris Bible

2008 was a busy year for me since I spent most of my free time co-authoring a book on OpenSolaris; the OpenSolaris Bible. Having never written a book before, this was a new experience for me. Nick originally had the idea for writing a book on OpenSolaris and he’d already published Professional C++ with Wiley, [...]

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Updating zones on OpenSolaris 2008.11 using detach/attach

In my last post I talked a bit about the new way that software and dataset management works for zones on the 2008.11 release. One of the features that is still under development is to provide a way to automatically keep the non-global zones in sync with the global zone when you do a ‘pkg [...]

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I haven’t written a blog for quite a while now. I’m actually not working on SVM right now. Instead, I am busy on some zones related work. It has been a busy summer. My wife and I were in Beijing for about 10 days talking to some customers about Solaris. Sarah has posted some pictures [...]

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Solaris Volume Manager root mirror problems on S10

There are a couple of bugs that we found in S10 that make it look like Solaris Volume Manager root mirroring does not work at all. Unfortunately we found these bugs after the release went out. These bugs will be patched but I wanted to describe the problems a bit and describe some workarounds On [...]

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Solaris Volume Manager x86 root mirroring

I am one of the engineers working on Solaris Volume manager. There are some questions I get asked a lot and I thought it would be useful to get this information out to a broader audience so I am starting this blog. We have also done a lot of work on the volume manager in [...]

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