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solaris10 branded zones on OpenSolaris

For the past 9 or 10 months I’ve been pretty much heads down working with Jordan on the Solaris 10 branded zone project. Yesterday we integrated the first phase of this project into OpenSolaris. This brand allows you to run the Solaris 10 10/09 release, or later, inside of a zone running on OpenSolaris. We [...]

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Free Community One Deep Dive

The Deploying OpenSolaris Deep Dive on Tuesday at Community One is free if you register using the promotional code OSDDT. The session doesn’t start until 11:00 am so that people can still attend the JaveOne key note. Chris Armes will start with an overview of deploying OpenSolaris in the data center. After lunch Ben Rockwood [...]

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Running Solaris 10 on OpenSolaris

Jordan just posted a nice blog about the work we’ve been doing for Solaris 10 branded zones running on OpenSolaris. His post also has a link to a Flash demo we put together showing the process of migrating a standalone Solaris 10 system into a zone on OpenSolaris. Both of us will be at Community [...]

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I’ll be presenting at Community One West

I’ll be delivering two presentations at Community One West at the beginning of June. The first presentation is on Monday June 1st and I’ll be covering “Built-in Virtualization for the OpenSolaris Operating System”. It will be an overview of some basic virtualization concepts and the various solutions available in OpenSolaris. I’ll also be discussing the [...]

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OpenSolaris books on google book search

I happened to be looking at google book search today and I thought I’d see if the book I co-authored, the OpenSolaris Bible was there. It is and you can see it here. Although the table of contents and some sample chapters are available elsewhere, this provides a nice way to browse more material in [...]

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zones on OpenSolaris 2008.11

The OpenSolaris 2008.11 release just came out and we’ve made some significant changes in the way that zones are installed on this release. The motivation for these changes are so that we can eventually have software management operations using IPS work in a non-global zone much the same way as they work in the global [...]

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A busy week for zones

This is turning out to be a busy week for zones related news. First, the newest version of Solaris 10, the 8/07 release, is now available. This release includes the improved resource management integration with zones that has been available for a while now in the OpenSolaris nevada code base and which I blogged about [...]

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Containers in SX build 56

The many Resource Management (RM) features in Solaris have been developed and evolved over the course of years and several releases. We have resource controls, resource pools, resource capping and the Fair Share Scheduler (FSS). We have rctls, projects, tasks, cpu-shares, processor sets and the rcapd(1M). All of these features have different commands and syntax [...]

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SVM root mirroring and GRUB

Although I haven’t been working on SVM for over 6 months (I am working on Zones now), I still get questions about SVM and x86 root mirroring from time to time. Some of these procedures are different when using the new x86 boot loader (GRUB) that is now part of Nevada and S10u1. I have [...]

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Moving and cloning zones

Its been quite a long time since my last blog entry. I have moved over from the SVM team onto the Zones team and I have been busy coming up to speed on Zones. So far I have just fixed a few Zones bugs but now I am starting to work on some new features. [...]

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