Figuring out where you’re longjmp(3c)ing with DTrace

Last Monday was the illumos hack-a-thon. There, I worked with Matt Amdur on adding tab completion support to mdb — the illumos modular debugger. The hack-a-thon was wildly successful and a lot of fun, I hope to put together an entry on the hack-a-thon and give an overview of the projects that were worked on [...]

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Visualizing KVM

Last March, Bryan Cantrill and I joined Max Bruning on working towards bringing KVM to illumos. Six months ago we found ourselves looping in x86 real mode and today we’re booting everything from Linux to Plan 9 to Weenix! For a bit more background on how we got there take a gander at Bryan’s entry [...]

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DTrace probes for Node v0.4.x

As a part of the work for Cloud Analytics that Dave, Bryan, Brendan, and I been doing, we’ve added several USDT probes to Node. As I’ve been doing a lot of the integration work and working with Ryan Dahl to get them into Node itself, I thought that I would document what we’ve added and [...]

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Fixing DTrace libdir dependency resolution

As a part of the work Bryan, Dave, Brendan, and I have been doing to instrument Node, Bryan wrote a translator file. One of the nice things about DTrace is that you can define the arguments to a probe to be a structure and simply access them like a C struct. The way that this [...]

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Solving Problems with Cloud Analytics

This past Wednesday Brendan Gregg and Bryan Cantrill gave a presentation on the work that’s been going on at Joyent related to visualizing performance and how we’re using this to solve customer problems. This is based on the work that the the four of us (Bryan, Brendan, Dave and I) have been doing. You can [...]

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Trying to use DTrace in Debian/kFreeBSD

A while back I was feeling like experimenting with a BSD just for a change of pace. My first inclination was to take a look at FreeBSD because of the ZFS and DTrace support that it has. I had heard the news that Debian/kFreeBSD was going to be considered stable and get the same treatment [...]

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