Project Bardiche: vnd Architecture

My previous entry introduced Project Bardiche, a project which revamps how we do networking for KVM guests. This entry focuses on the design and architecture of the vnd driver and how it fits into the broader networking stack. The illumos networking stack The illumos networking stack is broken into several discrete pieces which is summarized [...]

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Project Bardiche: Introduction

I just recently landed Project Bardiche into SmartOS. The goal of Bardiche has been to create a more streamlined data path for layer two networking in illumos. While the primary motivator for this was for KVM guests, it’s opened up a lot of room for more than just virtual machines. This bulk of this project [...]

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Fixing DTrace libdir dependency resolution

As a part of the work Bryan, Dave, Brendan, and I have been doing to instrument Node, Bryan wrote a translator file. One of the nice things about DTrace is that you can define the arguments to a probe to be a structure and simply access them like a C struct. The way that this [...]

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Solving Problems with Cloud Analytics

This past Wednesday Brendan Gregg and Bryan Cantrill gave a presentation on the work that’s been going on at Joyent related to visualizing performance and how we’re using this to solve customer problems. This is based on the work that the the four of us (Bryan, Brendan, Dave and I) have been doing. You can [...]

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Started at Joyent

I haven’t been sitting idly these past few weeks, I’ve skipped the frying pan and gone straight into the fire at Joyent!. At Joyent I’m joining a group of great engineers. I’ll be tackling the problem of Cloud Analytics with a familiar cast of engineers: Bryan Cantrill Brendan Gregg Dave Pacheco Things have been moving [...]

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