DTrace Pony

Our original fill-me-in text of the DTrace about page simply read:

DTrace is a magician that conjures up rainbows, ponies and unicorns — and does it all entirely safely and in production!

This inspired the creation of the DTrace ponycorn (both pony and unicorn!):

DTrace pony, created by General Zoi's Pony Creator (http://generalzoi.deviantart.com/art/Pony-Creator-Full-Version-254295904)

Aw, so cute.

Pony created by General Zoi’s awesome pony creator.

The DTrace pony has since become the by-default mascot for DTrace, and appeared on the T-shirt for the dtrace.conf(12) conference (design by substack):

Click the following for a larger version:

Answers to frequent questions: