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Sun Storage 7410 space calculator

The Sun Storage 7410 is our expandable storage appliance that can be hooked up to anywhere from one and twelve JBODs with 24 1TB disks. With all those disks we provide the several different options for how to arrange them into your storage pool: double-parity RAID-Z, wide-strip double-parity RAID-Z, mirror, striped, and single-parity RAID-Z with [...]

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Hybrid Storage Pools in the 7410

The Sun Storage 7000 Series launches today, and with it Sun has the world’s first complete product that seamlessly adds flash into the storage hierarchy in what we call the Hybrid Storage Pool. The HSP represents a departure from convention, and a new way of thinking designing a storage system. I’ve written before about the [...]

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Hybrid Storage Pool goes glossy

I’ve written about Hybrid Storage Pools (HSPs) here several times as well as in an article that appeared in the ACM’s Queue and CACM publications. Now the folks in Sun marketing on the occasion of our joint SSD announcement with Intel have distilled that down to a four page glossy, and they’ve done a terrific [...]

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A glimpse into Netapp’s flash future

The latest edition of Communications of the ACM includes a panel discussion between “seven world-class storage experts”. The primary topic was flash memory and how it impacts the world of storage. The most interesting comment came from Steve Kleiman, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist at Netapp: My theory is that whether it’s flash, phase-change [...]

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Hybrid Storage Pools: The L2ARC

I’ve written recently about the hybrid storage pool (HSP), using ZFS to augment the conventional storage stack with flash memory. The resulting system improve performance, cost, density, capacity, power dissipation — pretty much evey axis of importance. An important component of the HSP is something called the second level adaptive replacement cache (L2ARC). This allows [...]

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Hybrid Storage Pools in CACM

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wrote an article about the hybrid storage pool (HSP); that article appears in the recently released July issue of Communications of the ACM. You can find it here. In the article, I talk about a novel way of augmenting the traditional storage stack with flash memory as [...]

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Flash, Hybrid Pools, and Future Storage

Jonathan had a terrific post yesterday that does an excellent job of presenting Sun’s strategy for flash for the next few years. With my colleagues at Fishworks, an advanced product development team, I’ve spent more than a year working with flash and figuring out ways to integrate flash into ZFS, the storage hierarchy, and our [...]

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